Normally, I would advice people to run in the other direction if someone tells them they can make a profit with no risk, but this time around, I’m telling them exactly that. Except instead of asking them to send me their money, I would teach them how to do it themselves.

9% returns in less than a quarter of a trading year translates to roughly 40% annualised returns. That is far better than the annual market average of around 5–7% in developed economies and 8–10% in developing economies. That is also far better than most hedge funds are able to accomplish for their investors. The fact that investors have to take on a significant amount of risk in pursuit of those returns often goes unsaid. For similar levels of risk, investors and organisations buy government bonds. Compared to them, the returns are multifold.

The trick of the trade is called Cash…

The Binance coin ($BNB) started as a token based on the Ethereum blockchain, but now, it’s looking all set to overtake the second largest cryptocurrency by circulating supply and market cap.

Ethereum has been the poster child of real world use cases for blockchains and cryptocurrencies for the good part of the last decade. The development started in 2014 and was crowdfunded at the time. The network went live on 30th July 2015 and it didn’t take it long to become the most widely used blockchain in the world. Ethereum enables the use of Smart Contracts (which is one of…

The iconic bull at Wall Street, New York

Regardless of your interest in the stock markets or finance, you have probably heard of the company GameStop ($GME) in the last few days. The media attention this one stock got has been unprecedented in recent history. At this point, everyone and their grandma has heard about GameStop. How did a regular old business, specially one that, fundamentally speaking, has an outdated retail business model in the gaming industry — kind of like Blockbuster’s model in the film and television industry, manage to grab more eyeballs than the Apples and the Teslas of the world?

It all started on Reddit…

Parv Prabhakar

Fintech analyst, trader, and investor. Crypto, stocks, options, in that order.

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